Sady Diallo
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Sady Diallo is a West African actress born and raised in Paris, France. Her love for people and communication motivated her to learn many languages such as English, Spanish and Mandarin. After graduating from college, she was plunged into the corporate industry. This afforded her insight into the reality of the corporate world, but also emphasized her desire to share her passion and shine her light on the world. She needs to share her experiences, her love, strenght, determination and honesty with others and she is convinced the best way to do it is on camera. She was then inspired to cut herself free form her life in France in order to leap into her dream of being a successful International Star. Upon her arrival in Los Angeles, Sady has exploded into the world of Hollywood. She immediately began studying at the Lee Strasberg Institute, and after just 6 months she has already landed starring roles in three films. In Midnight Scorpion, Sady stars with Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland. By: Sady Diallo


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