Ivana Trisic
*1970 in Belgrade, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia

Ivana Trisic Relic is a Serbian beauty queen, top model, esteemed journalist, and dedicated humanitarian, born in Belgrade, Serbia. She holds the prestigious title of Miss World Serbia 2018 and has become a notable figure in global humanitarian efforts and the modeling industry. After graduating from law school in Belgrade, Ivana embarked on her professional journey, transitioning into a media career with, one of Serbia's leading media outlets. Her insightful reporting and charismatic television presence quickly garnered widespread recognition. Her pageantry career began with her winning Miss Belgrade in October 2017, and shortly thereafter, she claimed the Miss Serbia title. At the Miss World 2018 competition in Sanya, China, Ivana captivated the world by showcasing Serbia's rich cultural heritage through a stunning performance of the traditional kolo dance, elevating Serbia’s profile on the international stage. Driven by personal tragedy after the loss of her mother to cancer in 2015, Ivana became a fervent advocate for health awareness, promoting regular medical checkups. Her humanitarian work is extensive and varied; she supports cancer survivors in Serbia and Hong Kong and aids victims of human trafficking and homelessness in Miami and Los Angeles. She is deeply involved in providing food and clothing to those in need and actively supports low-income families. She collaborates with the ‘Salvation Army’ in Florida, particularly on Food Distribution Day, demonstrating her commitment to combating hunger and homelessness. Dedicated to education, Ivana works with children at CARE Elementary School, teaching the importance of education in all aspects of life and has even taught them how to perform CPR. For her tireless humanitarian efforts, Ivana was honored with a recognition award from the Miami-based organization ‘Gratitud’. A polyglot fluent in Serbian, English, Spanish, and beginner's level French, Ivana has residences in Hong Kong, Serbia, and the United States, embodying the spirit of a global citizen. Her life is guided by the principles "Do good, and good will come back to you" and "Dream big because everything is possible." Ivana's influence extends beyond pageantry; she served as a judge for Miss Earth California 2022 and various competitions in Serbia. She has also made her mark in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Modelizer, Altered Perceptions, 1932, and Amor en Toda la Cara, among others. In the fashion world, she has graced runways across Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Miami, Marrakesh, Greece, and Serbia, further establishing her as a global fashion icon. Off the runway, Ivana enjoys tennis, volleyball, swimming, and spends her leisure time writing, reading, and meditating in nature, seeking to inspire and uplift future generations towards achieving their dreams and making a positive impact in the world.


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