Nick Lawler
*1970 in Thailand

Nick Lawler is known for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024). Born in Thailand and raised in Australia. Chinese Grand Parents (Fathers Side) and Thai Grand Parents (Mothers Side). Spoken language English and Thai. I live a highly active balanced life, and am involved in sports and fitness recreationally and professionally. I love being fit and healthy and believe it allows me to perform at my 'Peak' in what ever goal or task I am undertaking. I am a Competitive Professional Sports Model Body Builder, 7 x Australian Title in the past 10 years (As at November 2023.) I am an advanced level surfer, who loves to surf Huge Tropical Cyclone Swells we get. I make time to surf weekly especially when not filming. I am very comfortable in the ocean and beach environments. I obtained my Snowboarding Instructors qualification whilst residing in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I have competed in snowboarding in Slalom and Giant Slalom. I have travelled to snowboard in Alaska & Lake Tahoe USA; Alberta & British Colombia Canada; Italy; New Zealand and Australia. I started the love of snow sports on Skis. You won't hear many Snowboarders saying that. Fun Fact 1: As soon as the SAG strikes were announced in July 2023 and work paused, I committed myself to months of Body Building Competition Preparation. On 1 October 2023 I returned to the Body Building Stage and won another Australian Title. It's who I am, it's what I do. I commit to the task at hand and love all my hobbies, passions and professions. Fun Fact 2: During my High School/Secondary School, I earned extra money to support my passion for Golf. One of my most memorable jobs was working at a Banana Plantation as a Banana Ripener. Our bananas were supplied to Weis Ice Creams. We used to get big boxes of Weis Bars each time the trucks came to collect our bananas. Fun Fact 3: Also during my High School years, where I was more interested in sports and represented school in many sports. I was then encouraged to do Art. I did reluctantly. A painting I did was submitted in the Sam Lewis Peace Prize Art Competition and I won at National Level. I am still waiting to receive my painting back .


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